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A familiar name and look, this Oktava MK-119 is a brand new retro-styled microphone that brings back the sound of the vintage Oktava MK-219. This is a limited edition reissue.

The Oktava MK-219 took over the world in the late 90’s, nicknamed the Russian Neumann, it became a staple recording studios everywhere. It was the first pro quality condenser microphone that could be had for under $500.

Although Neumann was constantly evoked it sounds more like a u47 than it’s Neumann FET analog the U87. This is due to it’s unique capsule design that had an unintended result of having a “vintage” (warm and present) sound new out of the box. The capsule transducer (core) is a light weight composite material with is an exclusive Oktava design.

As well you may be familiar with the crazy of modifying these microphone, however modifications are no longer necessary and in the revision Oktava has upgraded the necessary components themselves.

This is the perfect opportunity to get a “new old” microphone.

  • Low self-noise
  • Excellent build quality
  • Individual frequency graph

Customer Reviews

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Great drum mic!

I’ve got vintage drums from 1971 (3 ply mahogany Premiers) and 1982 (Sonor with birch shell 5 ply). This mic just brings out the drums and the room like no other mic in it’s class. Astounding rock drum mic. This and a kick mic is all you need.

Paolo Balestri
il bello del vintage a un prezzo abbordabile

Il suono è esattamente quello che sentivi quando c'erano le radio in AM. Ma è un fantastico microfono che oltre ad offrire un suono passato è facilmente trattabile con pre e compressori per farlo diventare un suono moderno. Vecchio ma nuovo.
Molto solido, ben costruito.