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since 1927!

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The Oktava MK-119 is a brand new retro-styled microphone that brings back the sound of the vintage Oktava MK-219. This is a limited edition reissue.

The Oktava MK-219 took over the world in the late 90’s, nicknamed the Russian
Neumann, it became a staple in recording studios everywhere.

DIY modifications of the MK-219 were common, but now
they are no longer needed, as this revision comes
with upgraded components & design.

Oktava MK-119

Slide NEW!

The Oktava MK-117 Microphone comes
in a sleek matte black finish to compliment its
studio workhorse design, robust and musical character.

The Oktava MK-117 Microphone is a large diaphragm condenser
microphone that is designed to provide the sensitivity and detail, yet
with a more robust warmth to it that compliments the shimmery top end.

Oktava MK-117