Oktava KDS-1 dispatch communication system


KDS1 dispatch communication system with anti-vandalism metal case for the calling unit.

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The KDS1 dispatch communication system was developed in 2020 and intended for establishing two way communications in conditions where hearing is difficult. The KDS1 distinguishes itself from its competitors with its increased audibility and speaker volume, its ability to eliminate blockages due to noise and increased channel switching speed. This product solves the problem of organising communcation, ensuring system stability in difficult conditions. One of its important design features is its anti-vandalism metal case for the calling unit.

The intercome device is suitable for transmitting information through solid soundproof walls, barriers and fences. The device is made up of a base unit with a microphone and speaker, a remote unit and a power supply. The IP54 protection level also allows the unit to be used outdoors. The device will not be damaged by dust or splashes. The anti-vandalism cover is a necessary part of safety systems.

Used at: ticketing booths, counters, banks, airports.